What Does Open Gusset Mean In Shapewear?

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Have you ever hesitated to ask someone what open gusset means in shapewear? Why are some gussets open? I will give you a clear-cut answer. 

When your shapewear has an opening at its crotch area which helps to urinate without going through the trouble of removing the entire outfit just to pee and then putting it back on, it is termed as an open gusset.

Now open gusset does not mean that there is no fabric in the crotch area but it simply means that the fabric has an opening that can easily be opened or closed. 

What Does Open Gusset Mean Exactly?

As I mentioned above, every undergarment including our shapewear has gussets aka, a fabric at the crotch area. You can read more about it here. However, some undergarments and shapewear offer them with open gussets. 

Why Do Open Gussets Exist?

Now, you might think that open gussets in shapewear or any undergarments are pointless but hear me out first before you land on a decision. 

Imagine you are the bride and you have your shapewear on. But your shapewear is not open gusset and you have to pee. Now would you risk removing your entire outfit and spoiling your hair and makeup in the process just to pee or would you just prefer holding it in? 

That’s when open gussets shapewear comes into the picture. 

You can simply go to the bathroom in peace without messing up your outfit, makeup, or hair, and that too in minutes. Everybody wins. 

Who Should Invest In Open Gussets Shapewear?

If you think open gussets shapewear is only for brides or is only meant for special occasions, you could not be more wrong. 

Open gussets shapewear is ideal for:

  • Brides or bridesmaids
  • Working women who prefer wearing shapewear as it helps them go to the bathroom with ease
  • When you have a special party to attend
  • When you just had your postpartum surgery
  • If you have UTI, the open gusset shapewear is more breathable compared to the ones with gussets. 

Types Of Gussets

There are a lot of different types of gussets in shapewear and below are the ones that you need to take into account while choosing your ideal shapewear:

Cotton Gusset

This is one of the most popular kinds when people prefer buying shapewear with gussets. Cotton gussets as the name suggests are made of pure cotton which makes them really comfortable on the skin and offers great breathability and hygiene.

Hosiery Or Plain Gusset Shapewear

If comfort and less breathability will work for you but you need a shapewear that offers better tuckability then this is the one you should opt for. It isn’t as comfortable as cotton but it is still popular due to its better visual results.

No Gusset 

This as the name goes has no gussets in your crotch area instead it has a thick layer of fabric. This shapewear has seams that have sewn into a V shape. 

Open Gusset

As we have discussed above, these are the ones that wear your gussets and have a patch that helps you open the gussets. It offers better breathability be any kind of material and it helps you pee quickly without going through the hassle of removing your entire outfit and messing up your entire appearance in the process. 

Best Open Gusset Shapewear On The Market

Over To You

I hope you found some clarity on what open gussets mean in shapewear and why do they exist. In case if you have any more doubts that you would like to ask, feel free to leave a comment. I would also love to know which shapewear would you prefer and with which gusset. Do share.

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