Is Cetaphil Cruelty-Free & A Vegan Brand In 2024?

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Is Cetaphil cruelty-free or does Cetaphil still tests its products on animals? No, Cetaphil is not cruelty-free as it sells its products in China which does not fall under the exempted category and thus, its products might be tested on animals in mainland China if and when required by law. 

Let’s discuss this in more detail.

Is Cetaphil Cruelty-Free?

Cetaphil is a skincare brand that offers high-quality dermatologically approved products that are loved by many loyal customers across the globe. Started in 1947, its products are specifically formulated to solve skincare needs especially for people with sensitive skin.

But is Cetaphil cruelty-free?

Cetaphil’s Animal Testing Policy

When you visit their official website, here is what it states about Cetaphil’s animal testing policies:

“Per Galderma policy, we do not test Cetaphil products on animals except if required by law. Specifically, we are required by law to submit Cetaphil products for animal testing to import Cetaphil into the People’s Republic of China (i.e., Mainland China). This is no different than other similarly situated companies.”

Is Cetaphil Owned By A Parent Company?

Yes, Cetaphil is owned by Galderma. And you can find out more about its parent company here.

Is Cetaphil Certified Cruelty-free By Any Organizations?

No, Cetaphil does not have any certifications that prove that it’s a cruelty-free skincare brand. 

Does Cetaphil Test Its Ingredients or Finished Products On Animals?

Yes, Cetaphil might test or allow a third party to test its finished products on animals when required by law.

Does Cetaphil Sell Its Products Where Animal Testing Is Mandatory?

Yes, Cetaphil sells its products in mainland China and as per their animal testing policies, they may allow animal testing when required by law which unfortunately is still conducted in mainland China.

Is Cetaphil Vegan?

No, Cetaphil is not a completely vegan skincare brand but it still offers some products that are completely vegan and does not contain any animal-derived ingredients in the formulation. You can check out this list of animal-derived ingredients that you should avoid when looking for a vegan product.

Over To You: Is Cetaphil Cruelty-free?

I tried to sum up as many points as I thought were valid while we discuss whether Cetaphil is cruelty-free or not. Let’s recap:

  • Cetaphil claims that it does not test its products on animals unless it is mandatory by law. 
  • Unfortunately, in mainland China animal testing is still conducted on poor innocent animals. And Cetaphil continues to sell in China in the category that isn’t exempt from animal testing.
  • Cetaphil does contain tallow-derived ingredients in its formulation making Cetaphil, not a vegan brand. However, Cetaphil does offer some completely vegan products. Just make sure to check the ingredients list carefully.

Some people still believe that since it is not conducting any tests on animals anywhere except in China, so the brand is cruelty-free in other countries. So I leave it to your best judgment here. As it is totally your ethical decision. 

What do you think, is Cetaphil cruelty-free? I would love to hear your take on the same. Before you leave, don’t forget to check out:

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